Concierge Care

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Personal, individual attention is the key to concierge medicine. The practice of concierge medicine means that the physician limits the number of patients in his panel. For the patient, it means that your physician is available to you. Truly available. If you need an appointment today, you can have an appointment today. If you need to consult with your physician at night or on the weekend, you can. Your physician answers your telephone call himself/herself. There is no answering service, no office staff to answer your questions and meet your needs at night. Rather, your physician is directly available to you.

Personal Individual Medicine also means that appointments are if they need to be. An initial visit may take two hours. Likewise, follow up visits are at least 30 minutes and may be longer. Your physician has the time to give you individual attention, has the time to research a medical problem, has the time to conference with other physicians involved with your care. In short, a concierge medicine physician has the time to listen to you, to evaluate you thoroughly, and to care for you.

Concierge medicine means that you have a personal physician directly available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you desire to have a personal physician you can reach at any time, you should seriously consider Concierge medicine.