Your medications are obviously very important.

Medications are complex and have many affects an interactions which we need to know.

It is important that we are aware of all of your prescription medications. We also need to know the supplements and non prescription medications which you use.

Please help us to bringing your medication bottles with you. This ensures that we will have a complete record of your medications.

We also need to know your allergies. Please bring a list of any medication allergies, and the allergic response, which you have.

Medication refills are available when appropriate.


Medication Refills

Once prescribed, many medications may be refilled at your request.

You will be served best if you make your medication prescription requests during you visit.

Please understand that controlled prescriptions, such as sedatives and narcotics, cannot be refilled without a visit to assess the need for those medications.

In addition, regular visits are necessary to update and review all medications which you are taking.

Please allow two business days for refills.